From the Netherlands to Ghana:
Ms. Ubels Clears a Path for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Author: Sarah Kpentey


We have heard it being said that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. We also know that children are the future of every nation; the rising generation filled with hope and much enthusiasm. Thus we need to invest in their future because this translates into investing in the future of our nation. Recently however, Ghana, among other developing countries, has recorded a swell in the number of school dropouts and street children.

In this series, we tell the story of a woman who found the need to help in this situation, her challenges, and the way forward in her opinion. Driven by passion and the need to impact the world, Margaretha Ubels left her home and country to another and set up an organization to advocate for children with learning difficulties and help reduce the number of street children.

Her story to us is one of courage and bravery and brings us hope, it sets the pace for greater things and is worth sharing.

PART I: Coming to Ghana and Focusing on Learning Difficulties


PART II: Experience Working with Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

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part 2 - image on right.png

Part III: Looking Ahead

part 3 image center.jpg

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